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Hospital Chaplaincy

Due to the Data Protection Act, the list of Patients' religion is no longer available to Chaplains at the Hospital and Sydenham House and therefore, patients or their relatives must ask if they wish a priest or a member of the Chaplaincy Team to visit them on the ward. Fr Slawek usually visits the hospital and Sydenham House on Wednesdays, and can be contacted on 426017.

Please remember all who are sick in our parish both at home and in hospital especially Mary Abreu, Ernesto Anestegg, Elizabeth Barron, Bill Brien, Katherine Brown, Theresa Brown, Monica Carroll, Kathleen Casey, Dave Cook, Vincent (Buster) Dodson, Maureen Douthwaite, Mona Duffy, Tony Duggan, Maura Dunne, Maureen Fitzgerald, Mona Fitzgerald, Jake Fletcher, Cavan Forde, Elizabeth Fry, Caroline Furlong, Maureen Gleeson, Tom Harding, Dolly Hickey, Anne & Peter Howell, Jamie Huggett, John Hurley, James Jackson, Kelly Family, Joyce Jordan, Mike Jordan, Therese Linehan Mary Longley, Joan Lowe, Stephen Mackey, Kathleen Maynard, Jane Maniscalco, David McKie, E McPherson, Harry Mealing, Carmeline Morreale, Tom Mortimer, Baby Daisy May Ottley, Sheila & Mary Parratt, Maureen Power, Beryl Quinn, Eileen Robinson,Margaret Shortt, Eileen Stannard, Babs Shortt, Stephen Smith, Emily Taylor, Dorothy Tha Khin, George Thompson, Tony Tribe, Mrs Tyce, Robert Waldie, Mary Walton, John Williams. Please notify Christine if someone is in need of our prayers, or when prayers have been answered, also please request that the person’s name can be taken off the list.