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About the Parish

This section describes the parish history, where the parish is located, the two churches (with pictures), the parish priest and staff, the parish council, the 7 parish areas and their pastoral assistants, the parish newsletter, our twin parish in South Africa (Regina Coeli) and the other two parishes in Harlow. Please click the sub menus on the left to explore this section.


Geographically, St. Luke’s and Holy Cross parish is located in Essex’ new town of Harlow. Essex is a county located in south east of England, UK.

Map of Essex
Map of Essex


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Structurally, together with 5 other parishes, this parish is part of Roman Catholic of West Essex Deanery, which in turn is part of Diocese of Brentwood, which in turn is part of Catholic Church in England of Wales.

Dioceses in England and Wales.

Source: http://www.catholic-ew.org.uk