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Local Ecumenical Partnership

St. James' with St. Luke's Church is a Local Ecumenical Partnership between Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic Congregations, or LEP for short. The Anglican (Church of England) and Methodist are in the Parish of Great Parndon (http://www.gtparndon.org.uk/) which has two churches: St. Mary's in Peldon Road and St. James' with St. Luke's in Perry Road. The priests are Revd. Jennifer Ragan (Church of England) and Revd Jim Gill (Methodist), and on 22nd Feb 2005 Rev. Albert Watson will be licensed as Priest-in-Charge. The Roman Catholic congregration is in St. Luke's and Holy Cross parish with Fr. Paul McNamara as the parish priest.

The Sunday service for the Anglicans and Methodists in St. James' Church is at 11 am with Kids' club (except in August) for children over 3 years. Quarterly we have unity service for all denominations such as on Sunday 23rd January 2005 at 4 pm with the Anglican Bishop of Barking. The church was built in 1960 and has a lantern-like top with a huge black metal ring at the centre of the church with solid metal bars sticking out of the ring reaching to the wooden pillars at the side of the building. Some people see this ring as Christ's crown of thorns, others see it as the Church reaching out to all people everywhere.

Various activities within the church are as follows:

  • St. James' with St. Luke's Pe-school in the church hall accepts children from 2.5 years upwards offering a friendly environment where children can have fun while they learn, 8 sessions a week e.g. in the morning (9:30-12) and afternoon (1-3:30) on Monday to Friday except Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.
  • On Wednesday morning we have Mums and Toddler group where mums (and dad & gran too) bring their toddlers to play together while the adults sit and chat.
  • Senior citizen meetings take place on Friday afternoon at 1:30 to 3:30 where people can come for a cup of tea and a chat and sometimes a quiz.
  • Drama or shows are performed in the Church twice a year by the ecumenical group called Channels.
  • On Wednesday night we have centring prayer at 7:30 (cancelled until further notice), whilst the ecumenical prayer group meet on Friday night also at 7:30; both groups in the Church.
  • The church hall is often booked for parties, e.g. children's birthday, baptism, etc. but not for wedding receptions.
  • Occasionally we have a Flower Festival, or a jumble sale and other events.

Credits: We are grateful to Margery and Eddie Collier for providing this valuable information and for their patience in review process.