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The Catholic Herald

"The Catholic Herald was founded in 1888 by Charles Diamond, and has a long tradition of quality news coverage, integrity and loyalty to the Church, whilst always remaining independent and challenging in its stance." - from the "About Us" section

The Tablet

As per the history section of the site: "In 1840 Frederick Lucas set out to create a paper that was radical in politics but traditional in religion. His commitment was to independence of mind in politics and, as he discovered in his last tragic clash with the Irish hierarchy, to independence of mind within the broad boundaries of the Catholic faith. One hundred and sixty years on, The Tablet is, happily, back where it began."

Its mission is to provide objective coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church. Coverage includes activities of John Paul II such as his travels, documents and audiences; and The Vatican, including diplomatic activity, humanitarian efforts, and profiles of Church leaders.

The Universe

The Universe is a Roman Catholic Sunday newspaper which features religious news and viewpoints. It discusses issues of Romanist faith and morals, as well as giving information on Catholic history and education.